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From their base in Brisbane, ASSET Aviation, one of the world’s leading aviation consultancies and training institutes, serves the aviation sector in Australia, south-east Asia, and the world. Through its expertise in






Development of Learning Materials

ASSET Aviation is unique in Australia and the region, indeed in the whole world: it is the only non-Government institute to be accredited by ICAO and ASQA.

ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organisation), a specialized agency of the UN, established immediately after the world war, regulates the aviation industry by setting standards and overseeing training. ASSET Aviation International is an ICAO TRAINAIR Plus Member, accredited by ICAO to develop courses for international aviation training.

ASQA (the Australian Skills Quality Authority) is Australia’s training regulator; it makes sure that the quality and reputation of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training system is maintained through effective national regulation.  ASSET Aviation Institute is a certified training organisation and is fortunate to have a world-leading vocational education and training system that provides training in the skills the industry needs for employment in aviation.

We run Australian Diploma, and Certificate programs in aviation leadership and management,  Aviation quality auditing and Aerodrome operations across Australia and our neighbouring countries in Oceania and Asia.

We run ICAO accredited highly-specialised short courses and workshops in aviation safety oversight and management, applicable to all sectors of the industry.

We run professional development training programs in Civil aviation safety management systems and internal airline auditing across the Oceanic region.


Working in partnership with aviation experts and scholars around the world, ASSET Aviation helps keep aeroplanes in the air and the airways safe and flying efficient everywhere. We are a small company with a long history and a world of practical experience and expertise—flying aircraft and helping others fly them to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. ASSET Aviation are neither boffins nor regulators. We bring to bear the latest thinking and the oldest wisdom, the newest technology and the smartest protocols, to help pilots and ground staff, airline companies and their people, aviation regulators and educators to make flight as lean, as safe, as fast, as smooth, as efficient, as sustainable as it can be.

Today’s world is global; today’s world moves fast. People, commodities and goods of all kinds traverse the globe, and many of them do it in aircraft because, that way, they get there fast. Aviation makes the big world small; it connects places and people who might otherwise never meet. The modern world flies—fast and far and often. If flight is safe and reliable, if people can get on an aeroplane and arrive and land safely and reasonably happily at the other end, if they can ship goods and know they’ll find their customers, if air travel works well, the contemporary world works well, too.

  • TRAINAIR Plus associate member (ICAO Montreal)
  • Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for Vocational Education and Training (Australian Government, Australian Skills Quality Authority RTO No. 41195)
  • Certified Quality Management Company under ISO 9001:2015. (JAS-ANZ, SAI QEC27803)
  • IATA Regional Training Partner Oceania (IATA Geneva)
  • IATA Authorised Training Centre (ATC Plus) (IATA Geneva)
  • Approved Supplier to the United Nations (UN OPS New York)
Partners and Associations
  • Australian Aviation Psychology Association. (Sydney)
  • AvSec Consulting (Sydney)
  • DalCentreAvia Far East Russian Aerospace Audit Company (Moscow, Khabarovsk).
  • Flight Safety Foundation International. Corporate member. (Moscow)
  • International Society of Air Safety Investigators. Corporate member. (Montreal)
  • Queensland Resources Council (Brisbane)
  • Sky4You advanced pilot training (Berlin).

Three billion people travel the earth each year on 38 million flights. Few die. Most things make it in one piece. The industry is incredibly safe—and it is safe because of the skill and hard work and expertise of the people who run it and fly it. And because of the uncompromising standards the industry insists on everywhere. The work ASSET does in its region—its audits, its training, its study and research, and the new ways of learning and teaching and leading and managing in the industry in order to keep the industry safe, to make it even safer.

Today’s world runs on the confidence it has in the aviation industry—in the aircraft that carry it around and carry it on. And because of the centrality of flight and the importance of safety and confidence, the United Nations have taken a close interest in aviation. And the sector is regulated under a set of international standards and protocols.

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