Mission & Values

We believe in doing the right thing, we believe in our mission and values and to us, this means treating you with respect, listening to your needs and only supplying services that we think will benefit you and the industry.

We conduct our business using the principles of UN’s global compact – we respect human rights, we are not corrupt, we always try to do what’s best for the client or student, the company (yours and ours), and the industry. So we only do business with like-mined people, because if you don’t believe in these values then experience tells us that we shouldn’t work together. We’ve lost co-workers in aircraft crashes and this is the reason we work – to stop aviation accidents from happening. We take our work seriously, consider our time and yours precious and because of this, we are careful with which projects we choose.

Our mission is to prevent accidents in the aviation industry by sharing expert knowledge, auditing objectively, writing practical advice and delivering relevant training services to those who need it.

We achieve this by: listening to your needs, carefully determining how to provide a product to you that is useful and needed, and delivered on time and within budget. We won’t try to sell you stuff that you don’t need, but we will speak up if we think you do; we won’t talk about your business with others and we certainly won’t reproduce or publish any of your writing; we’ll keep your files safe; we’ll respect your customs; we’ll pass savings onto you when we can, and charge a fair fee that is audit-able and traceable to a published rate sheet.

We believe that if we conduct business this way, we’ll do good in the industry, and also make some money so we can pay our people and our bills and keep a little aside for the future.

Our people are our true asset, it is their knowledge, skills and experience that make our organisation a success.  We employ people who share our values and vision.

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