Pre-audit readiness

A pre-audit readiness review is a dress rehearsal, a final check before you commit yourself to a formal audit. It is a cost-effective method of self-assessing your readiness for an official certification verification process—such as a government certification audit prior to the issuance of an Air Operator’s Certificate or for entry into IATA’s IOSA program or other initiative that requires audit on entry.

The objective of the pre-audit review is to identify weaknesses in your systems, areas of non-compliance or non-conformance before the auditor does. Our approach follows the principles of Professor Demming’s Plan-Do-Check-Act; you are checking your systems so you can act and improve them before committing resources and budget to the official audit.

This is how we go about conducting pre-audit readiness review.

Our pre-audit review process

The best way to identify weaknesses in your system is to replicate the audit process—as if we were the actual auditors. Therefore, our approach to conducting a pre-audit review is very similar to our approach to auditing. There is, however, one fundamental difference between a pre-audit readiness review and a real audit—with the review, we can help you fix what we find.

If we do find deficiencies, weaknesses or areas of non-compliance, we can either work with you and offer guidance material and advice on the best way to correct the problem, or leave you with a report and action plan for you to follow yourself.

How do we conduct an effective pre-audit readiness review?

We use the same audit techniques we use during a formal audit—there are many available in the auditor’s toolkit: reviewing documents, interviewing people or observing what they do. But these methods alone will not lead to effective audits unless our four key principles guide them:

We target critical areas.

We spend our auditing resources wisely—concentrating on those areas that hold the highest risk to the organisation—and those areas we know the audit team will concentrate on.

We sample intelligently.

We sample materials—manuals, records, documents—that directly relate to the audit’s objective, its scope and criteria. Just as the real auditors will sample your documents, so will we.

We create effective audit trails.

We map a process from start to finish, then follow the trail to critically test the effectiveness of controls.

We write a comprehensive report.

Our report tells you where your weaknesses are. Only with a review unlike an audit, we can offer guidance and recommendations to help you improve your systems and processes to meet the standard or regulation. We provide industry best practice examples and case studies that you can use as an operational plan to better prepare for your official audit.

What types of pre-audit review projects do we do?

Examples of Our Work

How to book us?

  • Contact ASSET Aviation to arrange your audit

  • We will talk you through the process

  • Agree on a suitable audit date

  • Our administration team will take care of the rest - quickly and efficiently

What do our clients say?

  • “Our business requires us to be audited by a number of organisations as well as the Regulator (CASA). ASSET's very professional approach to auditing based on extensive aviation background experience, ensures a probing but accurate audit. Having been a check pilot in a major airline also gives Mat (CEO) the understanding to put relevancy into questions relating to training and checking requirements.”

    Geoff Neate Head of Flying Operations at Cobham Aviation Services (Australia)
  • “ASSET Aviation is my first 'go to' pick for advice on commercial aviation matters. They answer the questions, give multiple options and offer innovative solutions in addition to conventional ones. Their work is focused, results driven and does not contain the usual consultant speak. ASSET is also prepared to challenge my thinking and open up options which I had not contemplated; value for money.”

    Ross Willis Chief Operating Officer at GVK Hancock Coal (Australia and India)
  • “ASSET Aviation’s CEO, Mat Petrenko, is an experienced professional with the patience and expertise to work in demanding environments with complex customers.”

    Dan Tebbutt Senior Trade Commissioner at Australian Trade Commission (Russia and CIS)


Our rate sheet depends on the country where we work, and the scope of the project.

But our approach to business is this: we listen to your needs and carefully determine how to provide a product to you that is useful and needed, and delivered on time and within budget. We won’t try to sell you stuff that you don’t need, but we will speak up if we think you do; we won’t talk about your business with others, and certainly won’t reproduce or publish any of your writing.

We believe that if we conduct business this way, we’ll do good in the industry, and also make some money so we can pay our people and our bills and keep a little aside for the future. Please call to discuss our professional fees for pre-audit readiness reviews.

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