A start-up, Russian low-cost airline, wanted to launch in the market.  They needed support in developing pilot recruitment procedures and standards, pilot training syllabus and standards, and strategic input into their Standard Operating Procedures and Safety Management Systems.  They asked ASSET TCU to assist them with these requirements.  ASSET:

  • Analysed their fledgling Standard Operating Procedures and Safety Management Systems and compared them with industry best practice
  • Provided feedback on the draft manuals and  in-depth advice on developing them further to reflect the proposed operating environment of the carrier, improve efficiencies and maximise safety
  • Developed criteria and standards for the recruitment of pilots into the airline, including the development of customised aptitude tests and English language tests.  This was particularly critical in an environment where pilots needed to be transitioned from legacy Russian aircraft to Western aircraft
  • Undertook the language assessment during the recruitment process for pilots on behalf of the airline
  • Undertook pilot skills evaluation tests in an A320 simulator
  • Developed a training program to transition pilots from Russian aircraft to Western aircraft, including Crew Resource Management and SOP/cultural changes, as pilots went from three or four-man crews to two-man crews.

The airline was able to launch on-time and grew rapidly in its first months of operation.

Did you know that the airline grew to be the third largest carrier in the Russian Federation?

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