A resources sector client contracted ASSET Aviation to review a Mil 8 helicopter, owned and operated by a Russian charter company.  We have done an enormous volume of work in Russia over the years—we know the country and its culture quite well.

The reports included investigation of the aircraft’s documentation and flight and maintenance history.  ASSET TCU specialists checked that maintenance procedures were carried out in accordance with the aircraft manufacturer’s specifications (e.g. use of counterfeit parts), that aircraft usage was in line with the parameters and limitations of the aircraft’s capabilities. 

ASSET TCU also inspected the aircraft condition, checking for sub-optimal workmanship, defects, damage, corrosion, frayed wires/hoses, fuel leaks, oil leaks, etc.  The audit was organised, completed and the report (Russian and English) was delivered within two weeks of the initial request, making our client very happy.  You’re welcome!

Did you know, the CEO of ASSET Aviation is completing his Ph.D. in Russian aviation training systems with the University of New South Wales?

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